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Eventase is a free platform for selling training and informational videos online such as:

Classes, Lessons, Courses, Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Masterclasses, Conferences, Trainings,
Presentations, Tutorials, Speeches, Conventions, Meetings, Symposiums

Accept Credit and Debit Cards Securely
Sell your trainings across the web with ease by accepting credit and debit cards securely.
Stop paying monthly, annual or other fees
With Eventase, you can sell or share educational events absolutely free of charge! There are no monthly, annual, online storage or other fees – the price you set is the amount you get!

Rely on secure streaming
We use a special streaming protocol designed for high-performance transmission and delivery of video data to prevent downloading of video content as well as unauthorized distribution.
Get audience analytics
Insights such as geographical location, recency, frequency, and new vs. returning viewers can help you expand your audience by better understanding it.

Enjoy simple user interface
Tired of too many buttons, confusing and inconsistent website interface? Start using Eventase and enjoy a simpler alternative for all your online training needs.
Benefit from unlimited uploads
Upload as many video, image and document files as you need.

Create coupon codes
Generate coupon codes to promote your videos and/or give preferential access to select audience.
Offer DVDs for instant streaming
Upload your DVD files and eliminate national and international shipping and handling costs as well as delivery wait time by offering your DVDs for instant streaming.

No strings attached - cancel your account at any time
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